Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Wasp Trap Tutorial...Cause we need them!

It's wasp season, and they are bad this year!!! For some reason I have forgotten to get my Wasp Traps ready ahead of time. It wasn't till a few of us gals got bitten that I remembered!! Funny I forgot because my Dora fur girl is very allergic to them!

1.) First, you
need a 2 liter pop bottle, scissors, and a stapler.

2.) Cut off the top of the bottle at the top of the label, and rip the label off.

3.) Turn the cut off top of the bottle into the bottom part.

4.) Staple the 2 together all around the edges

5.) Put about 1/3 cup of sugar into the trap.

6.) Add about 2 inches of water, and swirl around till the sugar is dissolved.

7.) Place in an area of your yard that you and your children DO NOT make a habit of sitting/playing...The wasps can get in, but for some reason the can't find their way out...


Catherine said...

They're always bad here too around this time of year. I've learned to use unscented shampoo, soap, you name it and to stay away from certain areas on the roof garden! I'm going to tell the gardener about your wasp trap!

Joyce said...

Good idea. We have a lot of them too. I heard that they are dirty like flies and a wasp bite can lead to a bad infection.

Brenda said...

Thanks for telling us this. I am wondering if this would also work for flies.

Lilly said...

What a good tutorial! I don't have a big wasp problem. Do you have a good way to get rid of those pesky black ants that like to get in my kitchen? I hate those suckers! I have tried almost everything and they keep coming back.

Julia said...

I hate wasps..
Thank you for the tut..I will make one , We get them in the summer months.