Thursday, September 25, 2008

A good day gone bad...sort of...

No, after meandering up the stairs, not sort of, definitely a day turned bad!

We went to our Wonky Bits Quilt gathering, and special pot-luck today. We had a great time! Good project works and show and tell.

This Oriental quilt is Du's. Beautiful fabrics, great quilting, nicely done! And this is her Stack and Whack WIP...mesmerizing...

Then we have Cd's donation quilts. She used up all of her flannel scraps, and then some other fabrics, to make comfort quilts for those at Cancer Care. Six photos here, but some of the quilts were piled one on top of the other. I think she had about 11 to 12 quilts in total there today!!! You go Cd!!! 8-)

New member Lo came for her first day with us. A good first day when it happens to be Pot-Luck wouldn't you say? 8-)
Lo is working on a quilt for her step-daughter. All her 1st year
old's clothes are being made into a keepsake quilt. We will be watching this one! A new experience to us... 8-)

Good talk and good food with lots of deserts (not photographed) and lots of laughs... as per usual!

I made a good dent in my Holly Jolly project today. I have about a 1/4 of it sewn
together...all was good. 8-)
(was going to dive into it more once at home but...)
Had to detour on the way home because of a bad accident on the highway (I pray it was no one I know personally, and for the people in the accident itself), and made good time. My "bad" started as soon as I opened the front door of the house.

I walked in, weighed down like a donkey (cause us quilters don't pack lightly, do we?), and a very unwelcome odor hit my senses. A smell I was very familiar with, but not in this situation. One of the fur girls messed in her kennel, and it ended not being the youngen!!! BIG sigh...

So, I bring all my stuff in, open all the windows, and determine which kennel to open first. Quickly headed out the back door with fur girls and messy kennel. Dora did have some evident tummy issues yesterday, thus it continues today... AND, she brought up in her kennel also... Lovely!

Long story "shorter", hosed down kennel and blankets, threw blankets in the wash (for 2 washes), and put 2 fur girls in the bathtub. I found out I don't like washing my dogs all by myself! I think I ended up the wettest.... A clean soaking wet fur girl under each arm and out to the backyard we went for a good drying!

Up and down the stairs a few times here and I realize my predicament. After all the sewing machines/supplies/kennel/dog haulings of the day, and umpteen stairs walked, my bad knees and my touchy back didn't appreciate all they went through today...bad Myra, bad!

...?...Oh ya! LOL! And to top it all off, I also dropped my casserole with leftover ham from the pot-luck (was to be for supper) while unloading my stuff and it smashed to smithereens...so much for that!?!

Turned out to be "just one of those days". My turn! Good they don't come too often, so tomorrow I shall be taking it easy... and it WILL be a better day! 8-)


em's scrapbag said...

Glad you had fun with friends. Hope your body feels better tomorrow stinks when those aches and pains kick in.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Oh no! What a present to come home to! Hope Dora is better real soon. Good thing it was a nice day, eh? At least you had a good time at Wonky Bits. Enjoy your down time tomorrow

Gina said...

Oh you poor love. Hopefully your aches and pains will go soon. I think you should go out and buy yourself a nice cake to compensate for the not so good evening.
Love and hugs Gina xxx

Julia said...

Oh, what a day Myra!
Some days, we wish we had stayed in bed, that could have been one of them...hope the next day is better!

Joyce said...

Yikes! Go back to bed!

Quilt Pixie said...

may your body respond to the gentle rest and heal quickly :-)

Sipiweske Quilts said...

I hope you and the pups are feeling better today . . . try and remember the good parts about yesterday. Sounds like a great quilt day and pot luck (those are always great!) Put your feet up, put on a movie and do some handwork for the day. Friday is pizza night so make sure you order out! - Marlene