Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crescentwood Quilt night!

We had a good group of 16 at the club tonight! Lots of books, mags, stitching, and laughter! 8-)

I mana
ged to bring Pfaffy in for fixing. Apparently the problem has never before been seen by our Pfaffy friend, or her repair gal. What can I say... It's me!!! 8-)
I was able to use one of the machines in th
e shop to make may label, so that was great! Thanks Bb!!! 8-)

I didn't get as much stitching done on the binding tonight as I had hoped, but there is always tomorrow at Wonky Bits!!! Yup, another Wonky Bits day is upon us! 8-)

Here is some of the Show & Tell from the evening...

This is Y's stitchery she was working on tonight. She is making the Armchair Caddy that the Stitchers' Angels had shared. Love the fabric...

Then we have N's Tree Skirt that she has started working on the day we had our first Sunday Day Retreat. Isn't it lovely!? Then we have a quilt top that she made from fabrics that she won...don't recall from where...? The two photos under it is, a pieced backing for the quilt, and a close-up of the fabrics... Gorgeous! 8-)

This is As's Table Topper that she was working on tonight. Hand sewing the binding down. Very summery As! Great job! 8-)

These are some blocks that Dp was working on tonight! Love the fabrics! I can't remember full, but a challenge was mentioned...

And this wonderful pile of a quilt top is Jr's. She was reverse stitching tonight... sometimes it just can't be helped! D and B were also doing some reverse stitchings... We've all been there, done that! 8-)

Next we have 3 sides of N's wonderful vest she made in a Judy Morningstar class. All it needs now are the beautiful buttons that she plans to put on... Great job N! 8-)


Quilter Going Bananas said...

The photos are great. See you on Sunday!

Gina said...

What a great bunch of projects

Love and hugs Gina xxx