Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm back...

... On home turf! 8-)

My mother and I flew out to Kelowna BC for a few days. We had a 3 hour stop over in Calgary AB, where cousin Joey (photo), and a few of her family members, came to the airport... Thanks for meeting us for a coffee visit Joey!
It was great seeing you all! 8-)

In Kelowna, we visited my Great Aunt, and visited/stayed with cousin Thea and her family for a couple of days. Auntie is 95 years young, and doing quite well actually. Her only issues are physical, which frustrates her to no end, but I think she is managing great for a woman of her delicate age, as long as she remembers to use her walker!!! 8-)

Four of us went for a lunch outing which Auntie really enjoyed. I'm so glad she was up to going, and feel so blessed having been able to see her... 8-)

In the photos are cousin Thea, Auntie Riek, and Mom. To the right is Thea's cute little fur-boy Bailey! He is a smart little cookie! 8-)

I even learned a new card game while at Thea's!
The card game Wizard! It was great fun and I will be playing it again!!! 8-)

This is Thea's lovely backyard.
Her husband Barrie is a great gardener!
Thea even brought me to this quilt shop!
It was a wonderful place and the fabrics were gorgeous!!! A wonderful assortment!!! I could love this shop if I were to move there! 8-)

This is a shop sample. They ran out of this pattern. 8-(
It looks simple enough to figure out! Yup!

Another shop sample. "Riding the Waves" Designed by Castilleja Cotton.
I bought this pattern. 8-)
I shall show you other photos from this quilt shop in the next few days...

I also bought this gorgeous fabric with something in mind to make!
(Paulette, can you guess?)

Kelowna is a wonderful city with it's lovey mountains around it! I wouldn't mind retiring there some day!!! (Yup friend Wendy! Another place to ponder for the future...) 8-)

We had a lovely visit to/in Kelowna!
Thanks so much for the great hospitality and fun Thea!
You are a really great caregiver for your mother there!
Take care of the caregiver! 8-)

Time to go buy a Lotto Max ticket!!!


LiaL said...

I am so glad that you and your mom were able to visit Kelowna. I'm sure that my mom loved seeing you both. One of mom's favorite things to do is have lunch out with the girls - I'm happy that she was feeling well enough while you were there to enjoy an outing. Doesn't she live in a wonderful facility? The staff is the best and the grounds are just perfect for daily walks.

em's scrapbag said...

Welcome back. That olive fabric is gorgeous.

Joyce said...

It sounds like you had a great time. We are probably going to Kelowna at the end of July for a week or so. I'll have to check out that quilt shop.

Michelle said...

I am glad you had such a good time! We need to make our way out there sometime soon. Not until after this little baby girl is born, though.

Dolores said...

What a great time. I wish I had a Barrie. My hubby cuts grass and digs holes - that's about it. I'm on my way to Kamloops (that's the closest airport) at the end of the month - and from there to William's Lake for the stampede and to visit with my daughter.