Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When reading blogging friend Brenda's blog late last night about how she named her blog, I thought what a great idea!! Brenda had a link to Ruth's blog, where the idea originated! A lot of times I have wondered how others have come up with their blog's title! 8-)

"Tactile Pleasures...in Fabrics"
Coming up with this name was not at all hard!
When we go fabric shopping and buying, we like to run our hands over them, pinch them, even smell them sometimes. We get pleasurable feelings when we touch and buy our fabrics, thus "Tactile Pleasures"... and since this title can mean soooo many other things, I thought it best to add "...in Fabrics". lol! 8-)
My other choices were close, "Tactile Treasures...in Fabrics"
& "Tactile Pleasures & Treasures...in Fabrics".

So, what is in your blog's name?
How did you come to naming it what you did?
DD2 and I went dress shopping yesterday for me to buy her a dress for her birthday (which was in September)... DD2 needed something she can wear to weddings, anniversarys, and a Christmas Banquette. We ended up liking 2 of all that she had tried on, so she bought one too...

After shopping we rented 2 movies. Loved the comedy love story "the Proposal" with Sandra Bullock! Love her movies! 8-)When home, DD2 said "Do you know that "the Ugly Truth" is a "R" - restricted movie Mom?" ...NOPE?!... whoops!!! (She's 23) She ended up getting a call and having to leave for work half way through... I found the movie quite funny, though LOTS of foul mouth language... That was why it was rated "R".

Lots of awesome looking movies out in the theaters right now too! So I think it be time to check some out! 8-)
Do go and check out what Em has done with lots of her scraps! An awesome idea! 8-)

Back to stitching and catching up on your blogs...


Zlaty said...

Hi Myra,

It's neat idea to tell the story how you named your blog! Mine is pretty easy and says is all: Zlaty Sews! I began sewing clothes and now I sew quilts!
I loved the "Purposal" with Sandra Bullock!

Happy sewing to you Myra!


paula, the quilter said...

I have always thought that in a post apocalyptic world one would be known for what one does, therefore I am The Quilter.

Brenda said...

Love your Christmas background! I was pretty sure I knew what your blog title meant...being a Tactile Fabric lover myself. Ha... I think touching and smelling fabric is very important. My old skin is dry and I can't have any thing scratchy on it, so I have to touch even clothes I buy. My husband used to love to smell books...maybe he still does.
Take care Myra...hope you have been clear of the white stuff. We are getting a small amount tonight maybe..

em's scrapbag said...

Dress shopping with your daughter priceless. Thanks for the plug. Enjoyed reading how you named your blog. Have a great day!

free2quilt said...

Shopping with a daughter is something very special. I came up with my blog title because I love to quilt but if I got upset over all the mistakes in my quilts, I'd never get any done.

Ruth said...

Myra, I used to quilt, and I know just what you mean. I also used scraps of fabric from my daughter's and my clothes.

This is a very pretty blog. Isn't it sweet that "work" can be so pleasureful?

Thank you for participating in this little meme, which keeps spreading it seems!

Guðrún said...

Quality time with your daughter :)

quiltmom said...

Lovely dresses for your daughter, Myra- particularly the dark blue one.
I named my blog quiltmomsjourney because My son used to ask me
What are you going to do Mom? quilt? so I became quiltmom. I think of the quilting experience a journey not a destination. So I put the two parts together and got quiltmomsjourney.blogspot.com/
Have a great week- Enjoy the Holiday Season.

Michelle said...

I like hearing about your name.