Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ruby's poolside trials...

"Don't know if I like this idea...?"
"You not sure either Dora?"
"The neighbors are having fun in the big pool in their yard.... So, maybe I'll try it again in our pool later... "
"I'm constantly having problems with infections in my deep creases... Mom has to wash and dry them twice a day. I cooperate with Mom cause it feels good."
"Oh that air at my creases feel good Mom...
Do any of you Pug bloggers out there have the same problems?"


Hubby and I went to our DD's apartment last night for him to install a window air-conditioner for them... I played Tetris (addicting) on the Nintendo that DD1 bought at a garage sale. She got the Nintendo machine, and about 25 games to go with it!!! Don't recall what she paid for it, but knowing her, she would not have bought it unless it was cheap enough!!! Great score DD1! 8-)


Brenda said...

I can't believe you are trying to teach your old dogs new tricks!!! Imagaine, learing to swim at their ages!! lol!! kidding, I think those pics are so cute "uh, what am I supposed to do now??? Hey!! You give it a try!"
"Uh, uh, I'm outta here!!!!"

I didn't know that pugs don't like heat or that they can have problems in the folds of their skin. Good to know. And Tetris is one of my favorite games!!! yes, very addicting. How is your spider solitare going???
I am glad the first day of summer has you girls out in the pool!!! Where is the picture of you??? Looks like great summer weather - and we have had that plus rain!! yeah!!! My tree in the park looks great and I don't have to water it twice a day - but if and when it gets that dry again, I am back to watering - I want this tree to live for as long as I live here - and hopefully longer!! Here is to a summer full of pool side fun - for everybody!! If Ruby and Dora gave it an honest chance, you would never get them out of it!!

Pat said...

Ruby and Dora are so cute. We knew people who once had a Sharpei(not sure I spelled it correctly). That poor dog had serious problems in all the wrinkles / folds of its skin. I know it was a major problem for them and required veterinary intervention at times.

Brenda said...

We have never had these dogs. Our dogs never liked to swim. I wonder if only certain breeds enjoy the water. I used to like to play gameboy. One of our dogs ate it when he was a puppy. Never worked after that.