Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mary Grace's Pay-It-Forward gift goodies... 8-)

When I got home last night it was so stuffy in the house (hubby at work - windows closed), so I opened up the back storm door screen, and went and opened the front door to open the storm door screen... Well! What do I find between the doors!?! It is a package from Mary Grace!!! Woohoo!!!

Once I finally had all my stuff unpacked and sorted, I sat down to open the parcel....

First, a Hush Puppies box was revealed! 8-)
Then, once I pulled back the Hush Puppies tissue paper I saw this wonderful assortment of what looked like it was going to be fun opening! Of course! It's from MG! lol! 8-)
Oh my goodness! Look at the goodies I found in there!!! First I opened the lovely card, then saw the package of very cute note cards. Then I opened the little box to reveal 6 Yo-Yos and a lovely mini Rosary (I forget what they are called).
Very nice! 8-)
I then pulled out a rolled up "Apple" dish-cloth that I plan to use during the Christmas holidays cause it's red.... and to top it all off, I found the Apple Bag MG made at the beginning of the month!!! I had commented how much I liked it when she posted about it, and now I find it in my hands!!! What a sneaky gal that MG is! 8-)
Thank you so much for your time and talent that went into making this gift Mary Grace!
I love it! 8-)

Now, I shall, once again, have to get caught up on all your doings while I was gone, which could take a while, but I will get there! 8-)
Have a wonderful weekend all! 8-)

I'm off to my Auntie Joyce and Uncle Pete's 50th today!


Tere said...

Hey! I love that apple fabric! I have some of that :) Now I want an apple bag too :)

Dolores said...

Nice gifts there Myra. Have fun at the 50th and don't drink too much ;-)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Welcome Home Myra! So glad you found the box and thrilled that you like everything in it. The bag was made with you in mind, as was the Rosary bracelet, also known as a chaplet. I have made Rosaries of all sizes and styles for close to 30 years now, and it was nice to make one for you since I know we share the same faith.

Enjoy it all!


Guðrún said...

What a great packet to come home to.

call me crazy said...

Welcome home Myra! What a nice pkg to find at your door! :-)

Lurline said...

Hi Myra - have just come from Hooked on Needles to admire your gift - just lovely and the story about the rosary braelet is lovely, too!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Hazel said...

Welcome home , what lovely gifts you lucky girl .