Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 May Retreat Sew and Tell...

I must first say, this retreat was a tad different from our past three. Out of the 16 of us there, eleven stayed for an extra day. It felt weird to me having ladies leave, and us left behind, but it did worked out well. We already have plans to book our 2009 October and 2010 May retreats... 8-)

Now for the Sew & Tell!!!
Remember, you can click on the photos for a closer look, then hit the back button to go back to the blog! (for Sw, who is new to the in
ternet) 8-)

First photo up is Jr's WIP that she was putting together all weekend. She added piece by piece to all of her blocks all weekend. She was nearing the end of doing that. I bet she will have the top together for this coming quilt gathering on Wednesday... No pressure Jr! lol! 8-) I think it's called "Summer Garden", and she plans to do a silhouette of some sort on the quilt top before sandwich
ing... Maybe an iron trellis/gate... I suggested she do the garden variety of "Manneken Pis" ( Brussels, Belgium) lol! 8-)
This is Sw's pillow case. Sw is a new quilter...
Love the hot air balloons!
Sw's "I Spy" panel that she quilted at the 2008 November Retreat. She finished it up this past weekend...
This is one of many beautiful blocks that Sg (new to our retreat) was making... Beautiful work, and so much machine stitchery fun!!! Do take a closer look! 8-)
This wonderful quilt top was made from start to finish at the retreat by Nd!!! Those half-square triangles are about 1.5" finished!!! It seemed like it was a never ending thing for her, but she persevered, and is well rewarded with this beaut! 8-)
And it all started with her wanting to feature her outer 2 fabrics!!!
Nd's table top she had made at a workshop at some point. She was hoping to get it quilted, but her time was taken up in her "tree quilt" all weekend...
Nice table topper Nd! 8-)
I could not crop this photo to feature Yn's little projects on the left without totally distorting it. Sorry Yn! I should have taken a close up!!! Yn made the carrot table topper, the little bag/pouch, and the pin cushion. Yn was also making a lovely bag which I did not get a photo of...yet! Maybe this week Wednesday? lol! 8-)
Paper-piecing by Mm... Very small! Very cute too! 8-)
This is Mm's WIP. This is her keepsake of her Australian fabrics/pattern that she came home with not that long ago now... Wonderful isn't it!?! 8-)
This is Ls's weekend wonder!!! Very bright and colorful! She is thinking to give it to a close friend of her's that suffers from seasonal dissorder. I think this quilt will definitely cheer her up, don't you!?! Wonderful fabrics Ls! 8-)
Ls's next project started...
So far so good Ls! 8-)
A close-up of my Wonky Flowers! I was thinking to hang it up in my sewing room once done, but now I am thinking to give it to my friend that lives with MS in a nursing home... She may like something cheerful to look at from her bed! 8-)
Jc has a friend in need of everything due to loosing all in an electrical fire of her home while away on holidays... She has only what she brought on her trip, including her cat that she loves dearly, thus a cat quilt for her... Jc asked us if we would all mind making a bunch of cats for her as a contribution and to make the project move along faster... Jc needs about another 50 cats to get it together... We are glad to help out! 8-)
Besides working with the cats, Jc was making flying geese for another project of her's... Hope you are feeling better Jc!
Ed is new to our retreat, in fact she had never been to a retreat before! Ed is a very talented and creative sewer, but believe it or not, she is not a quilter, but I would say she is becoming one! Ed has some more to do to this creation once home... Made of 3 different fabrics... Love this project!!! 8-)
Dw was a busy bee all weekend with her strips for a Bargello... Love your fabrics here Dw!!! Can't wait to see this project evolve... 8-)
Here we have some of Dp's wonderful stars...
...and more of Dp's stars of a different sort, but then not! 8-) She did a few demos for us, and this block was one of them... Thank you Dp! Great quilt! 8-)
Isn't this quilt intreguing!?! Dp has soooooo many fabrics in her stash, and this one grew from that! Not often does Dp need to go out and buy... This one is awesome... and bright! 8-)
Dp is teaching a BOM in her little country guild. This is this month's block. A new method of paper-piecing with freezer paper that can be reused over and over again! I shall have to try it out some day... Nice block and thanks for that demo too Dp! 8-)
This awesome WIP is Dl's doing. (Dl, as well as Dp, are the "Speedy Gonsales" gals of our group!!!) Dl was just finishing up on piecing her boarder this weekend, and she had some beautiful machine embroidery on the feature blocks. I may post photos of them tomorrow. Love this quilt Dl! 8-)
This is one of Dl's Bargellos from the weekend, though she did have somehelp with this one so far, from dear Aw as she was bored with her own project that she brought to work on.... You see? That is why it is very important to bring 3 to 5 projects to a quilt retreat! 8-) Anyway, Aw was too happy to help Dl out with this project...
We all tried to bribe/hire her service at the next retreat! lol! 8-) Dl has more strips to add and it will be done in no time!!! Love the colors in this Bargello Dl!!!
Dl is such a giving person too. She was seeing many of the gals through the steps of making a Bargello this weekend, as well as did a few demos for us...
Thanks Dl, and I will be making one too... soon... I think?

Dl put this quilt top together this weekend... When Dl comes to a retreat with all her stips cut and ready to go there is no stopping her!!! Love this one too Dl! 8-)
Cw's colorful Disappearing 9-Patch! I think she had this quilt top done already and just brought it to show! Hard to know when sitting at the other end of the room!
Cw (sister to our Dw) was at our November Retreat as a fairly new and enthusiastic quilter. I'd say she has definitely caught the quilting bug!!! 8-)

Here is Cw's small trial Bargello she did during the weekend. In this photo she had it cut in half and prepared a strip to join it all down the middle. She has decided that she will be finish this up for a small lap quilt for her aging father-in-law... Happy looking isn't it!?! It was great seeing you again Cw! 8-)
Aw (Dl's Bargello helper) was working on her 12-Days of Christmas blocks. They were simply gorgeous!!! Aw, not a constant quilter, but a really talented sewer, saves all kinds of wonderful fabrics that she incorporates into the quilts she does venture into... The blocks are great! 8-)
Here we have our dear As! Fairly new to quilting still, and first time retreater!!! We so enjoy As's antics and stories! She's a real character! 8-) This is her start to her Bargello. If you look on the table you can see a bit of her color range.
Our youngest kitchen volunteer, J, had some of her own creations to share with us... again! This is a "requested" jean quilt top that she's put together.
What a great job she did!!!
And here is a jacket she made for herself!
Check out the collar and back! Do have a closer look at it. Some of us have never even tried this technique! She's off to a grand start with her sewing/quilting!!! 8-)
I know of another young quilter of the same age that liveds in Australia, who is also home-schooled and of the same faith. I thought J might like to correspond with this gal, and visa versa. J was quite happy with the idea, but with all the hussle and bussle in the kitchen, she forgot to give me her email address, to pass on to Er if she is interested... 8-(

OK now! That is a long enough post! Toooo long! Yes!?!

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Michelle said...

Wow! It is amazing to see all the creativity that occurs in such a short time. Obviously, a wonderful retreat and great that eveyone can help each other out.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

So many busy hands! I am having a hard time picking my favorite! They are all fabulous!


Quilt Pixie said...

looks like an awful lot of thread ws used on the weekend! Those projects are all wonderful.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Loved all the pics Myra. Too bad I wasn't there :^(((

What a wonderful idea to gve that floral wallhanging to your friend that is in a nursing home with MS!

Pat said...

What wonderful projects were in progress there. I love the jeans quilt and the jacket made by that young gal, too.

debbie said...

The projects are fantastic. I love the jacket did you have a pattern? Glad you had fun, I'm jealous.

Quilt Nut said...

welcome home! looks like you, and everyone else lol, had a great weekend. thanx for sharing all those lovely projects

Brenda said...

They all look wonderful Myra. I enjoyed hearing about some of the new quilters.

Millie said...

Thanks for a freat quilt show...so many pretty quilts to admire.

Winona said...

Wow Myra,
You posted some beautiful quilts. I hope to make one of those bargello quilts one of these days. I think they are so neat. Winona

Annemiek said...

Such a post is nevr long enough!!! Wow what eyecandy: I feel all inspired to move on with my own projects!!!

You're getting a lot of comments and for some strange reason they all end in MY mailbox!!!???No idea how that can happen. What did we do wrong commenting on eachother?
I think everytime that I 'm getting lots of comments, but alas...they are all for you

Kerri said...

WOW Myra, You girls get busy on your retreats. Thanks for sharing all of your photos. the work looks wonderful. How long were you there for. I would love to have a go at bargello one day. They are all so gorgeous. Thanks

Ruth's Place said...

You certainly have a talented bunch of quilters to go on retreat with!

Joyce said...

Wow! You are a creative and hard working bunch. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

call me crazy said...

Wow! Thank you for all the inspiration! What a talented group! :-)

Rosaline said...

Boy, oh boy, what a PRODUCTIVE group of quilters you are. This is the kind of post quilters loooove. So many photos of great work and as usual, so much variety. Seeing the tree quilt, made me sigh, as I always wanted to make one of those. It's hard to believe it was made in a few days.

Lilly said...

Wow Myra! This was a really great post of some amazing quilting. I love that block that used freezer paper piecing. Is the pattern available somewhere? I am sure your friend will love the little wallhanging.

Zlaty said...

Hi Myra,

Thanks for sharing! You were busy with the girls and made lots of lovely projects!

How sweet of you to give your wonky flowers to your friend! She will be very happy!

Happy sewing!


Guðrún said...

So many wonderful things. Thanks for sharing.