Sunday, January 2, 2011

PhD and MY January Commitments...

PhD Challenge
Well, my invite that went out (on Dec 1st 2010) to
other quilters around the world, to join me in
my PhD Challenge has created a
wonderful monster!!!
A PhD Challenge Blog of 70 eager quilters wanting to get over 300 PhD monkeys off their backs...
This will be a fun and inspirational blog to watch, and a great way to get to know more wonderful quilters...
Creating a few new bloggers to boot!!! 8-)
Now, how much sewing have I done this far into 2011?
NONE!!! 8-(
We are still doing Season's Celebrations with family, but after today, I'll tell them to leave me alone, and will hide in my sewing room!!!
I've got commitments you know!!! lol! 8-)
I've decided that I will make a post on the first of each month of my commitments, and then list them in my sidebar (now there's a first! I'm not really a list maker), and see how this nags severs me in reaching my goals this year...
Six January Commitments
1.) do my row for my group's Row Robin Project - due Jan 5th
2.) CCC BOM - due Jan 5th - done
Finish up my 2 commitments for Finn's NYE UFO Challenge...
3.) finish Hollyhock wall-quilt (very little to do yet)
4.) finish putting together my my Saturday Sampler quilt top
Then onto working.....
5.) on one or two of my PhDs
6.) one Christmas item (that I didn't get done) - due Jan 25th

Wish me luck!!
I'm going to need it!!!


soggibottom said...

2nd visit here today :-)
Not much of a list maker either Myra. I'm more of a go with the flow kind of person. However, I do love to keep an eye on what you are up to. I love to see such beautiful quilts.
There are other quilters out there better than I. :-)
Good luck ladies, I will love to see all your creative projects. x x x

Ruth's Place said...

I'm not a list maker either, but my goal this year is to sew more.

I recently changed the furniture layout in my sewing room/office to make the sewing machine more accessible, and so far so good...

ROZ said...

This year, I have started to keep a diary of all my finished projects, no matter what kind, even if it's just a coaster.