Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wow! What a year 2010 has been!!

 Message to my blogging buddies/followers at bottom of post...

It has definitely been a year to remember for my family...

A to the point & mixed overview of 2010...
* 2 daughters engaged
* visits to meet the future in-law families of both our daughters
(one family in Wisconsin - a weekend visit)
* a trip to Kelowna with my mother to visit a great aunt that turned 95
* 2 bridal showers 
* bridal invitations, wedding plans x 2, etc
* 1 big bridal/wedding social for both couples (a pre-wedding event)
* Bridal dress shopping (brides, bridesmaids, mother of bride)
* dealing with DS's first major heartbreak (for a few months)
* DS's spontaneous move back home 3 days before DD1's wedding
* 2 daughters' wedding weekends
* 1 wedding weekend in Thunderbay (friends)
* 1 Wisconsin wedding farm reception weekend
* vehicle problems/stalls/repairs
* newer vehicle bought
* revolving door of DD1's stays here throughout the year
* 3 early AM specialist appointments with Dad (I don't do mornings)
* 2 parental major surgeries, plus the hospital visits & after care
* a 1 day fishing trip/missing persons (DH, DS, my bro) for 15 hrs
* relatives from Holland, a visit/stay/gathering here
* several trips to the vets for various reasons
* hives on Ruby...?... why?? concerning
* 4 weekend stays/fur-girls/doggy hotel (new experience for all)
* a great week-long trip to Las Vegas with good friends
* a week long visit at friend's in Thunderbay while
DS stranded with truck troubles in Toronto
* and, sadly, we attended 3 funerals/celebrations of life this year

 Then throw in there the quilt related things...
* booking/planning/organizing 2 quilt retreats
* attended 3 retreat weekends 
* many quilt shops visited
* fabrics (insulation), patterns, books and mags purchased 
* 4 small projects made for choice auction table at social
* made 2 queen sized wedding quilts, plus 4 pillowcases for each
* Saturday & Sunday Sampler tops - one done & one 3/4 done
* PhD Challenge 2010 introduced to the blogging world
* 1 (Sunflower quilt) of 6 PhDs committed, completed
(had good intentions until the year unfolded for us...) 
* Phd 2010 conclusion and giveaway
* CCC's (quilt group) BOM started
* CCC's Row Robin project started (9 participants)
* Did some sewing and quilt tutoring with/for friends
* PhD 2011 introduced (50 participants!!)
* small projects started with intention of being Christmas gifts... sigh... Nope! I guess not this year...
* Mom and Dad's Hollyhock wall-quilt,  
sadly, still not fully done... 8-( 

 My year was also full of "good intentions", 
that many ended up falling short...

I can't say the "crazies of this year" are done, as 2010 isn't quite over just yet, so you never know what else might "creep in just under the wire"...?...
 ... And through this all, many of you encouraged, complemented, and congratulated my family and I with wonderful comments, that you took the time to share... Which, during a good part of this year, I hadn't the time nor energy to acknowledge in return.
I give you my sincerest apology with regards to that, and want you to know I read, and appreciated every one of your comments throughout 2010! Now hopefully, this coming year will be more "normal" for my family, more relaxed, and I will be able to blog/visit/comment like I did before 2010 hit us... 8-)

Wishing you a fun and safe new years eve!



Brenda said...

I lost my note!!! Oh no!! I was getting ready to say bye when it left the screen!!! What did I do now???
ahhhhhhhh - Anyways, what I was saying was you have had a year to remember and many great memories were made. Imagine - two weddings!! Most people only have one to deal with, but you got to do two big events!! And the missing people that weekend, uh, I did not like that one, but it worked out, so that is more than good. It was a very busy year for you and yours this year.
I am wishing that all the good things for you mulitply this year, and you get very little of the stressful stuff. We do need a little to keep us in check, but not to much!! And all the time to sew!! All that you need and more!!
Happy New Year Myra!! To You and Yours!!

Annemiek said...

oh my, you hád a very busy year, personal and quiltwise!
Don't apologize for anything blogwise; life keeps us all occupied and blogging shouldn't become a chore.
I know that you're there and that you read your comments (if there's time!) and that's enough for me :)
I hope 2011 will be a great year for you and yours!!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

It was quite a year for you my friend! Missed you last night at CCC...

Happy New Year!

Dolores said...

Aww shucks Myra. It was a full year for you.
Health and happiness in the New Year to you and your wonderful family.

Rhonda said...

I'll take some of that snow Myra lol!
You have had an amazing year; Happy New Year!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Wow, Myra, what a year! I hope 2011 is just as productive, although maybe not quite as crazy for you!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

...and you lived through it, sane enough to sum it up all in one blog page and looking forward to 2011. I would say that is total success!
Congratulations girlfriend. You survived 2010. Hopefully 2011 will not be a blurr.
God Bless You and Keep you!

Love WK

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Goodness what a busy year! Happy New Year!!!

Peg said...

Wow - it has been a busy year for you - looking forward to sharing in the quilting adventures for the coming year! It's been great 'getting to know you', you've been a wonderful inspiration for me!