Thursday, December 9, 2010

My city group's Christmas party night...

Last night was a yummy snacks/desserts/games night with lots of Christmas spirit... as in mood, not drinks... 8-)

 I only got one Show & Tell photo... This is Lw's wonderful
table topper... Love this pattern!!!
Santa came at some point before I got there, or while I wasn't looking maybe...?... I think he was in cahoots  with all the gals, cause both are mentioned on the gift tag... sneaky... 8-)
Thank you all so much for the wonderful 
Patchwork Calendar!! I am so spoiled by these gals...
Now I've got some work to do!!!
This is the wonderful gift of fabrics/labels that I ended up bringing home after our long game of gift grabbing... What a ball we had with this game! Lots of laughter!!! 
 There were 2 "Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks mag" gifts that were jumping from thief-to thief-to thief, but in the end I didn't get to bring one home... I'll need a better strategy next year... lol! 8-)
So, after our evening I went to 2 stores to find/buy this mag, and was very lucky to find the "last one" at the second store. 
It was meant to be mine!!! Yaaaay....
Now I have both mags!!! The red one from last winter.
There are lots of awesome blocks in this new one!!! 
I'm doing my happy dance with it.... 8-)

Have a great sewing day friends!


Dena said...

Thank you for sharing your fun evening. I always love spending time with my quilting friends. We have so much fun together.

Pat said...

What a great table topper! It also looks as if you got some nice things in the gift grabbing game!

soggibottom said...

I always love to visit here Myra... such interesting things :-) x x x

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Congrats Myra on your pressies. I keep coming back to visit because I want to stick to my promise to start back quilting after the New Year. If I don't hang with some quilters I will let it go. I sew well but quilting is new to me and I am determined to learn. Your photos are great. blessings