Thursday, December 30, 2010

PhD Challenge Cutoff - Midnight New Year's Eve

If you are looking at this post, you have maybe hours, possibly only minutes to get in on my "2011 PhD Challenge" commitment,
but for yourself!!!

Join the rest of us 56 humble quilters! Bite off a big bite of those Projects Half Done, that we all know you have, and commit to doing them once and for all!!!

2011 is the year for cleaning up to make space on our shelves, by cleaning out your boxes/bags of PhDs in your sewing room, so you can get started on all those "new projects/patterns/methods" you've been anxious to try your hand at...

Click Challenge Button to get to sign up post on PhD Challenge blog. Please make sure you read the sign up post before leaving your comment with your commitment.
As long as the Date and Time on your comment is before Midnight Dec 31st, I will get you listed as a participant, and get an invite (onto the group blog) out to you as soon as time allows it for me...

I am looking forward to doing this challenge with you!!!
Happy stitchings!


Peg said...

Wow Myra - 56!!! How wonderful is that!! And here for a while I thought it was going to be just you and me LOL!

soggibottom said...

Have a very Happy New Year Myra.... I always love to see you at the cottage. Next time, stay and have a cup of tea :-) x x x we have doggie cookies too x