Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working in a sweat shop... no more!

The last couple of days it felt like I had been working in a sweat shop... My sewing room faces South, the hot sun has been shining, and the temps between 26 and 29*C. Opening the window was of no help, and the heat from the iron sure wasn't helping either. A big floor fan kept it a tad better, but not by much, thus the "Sweat Shop"!

So, yesterday I to tried to keep some of the heat from the sun out by putting up a piece of cardboard over the window. It did help some, with help from the fan also... 8-)
Even the fur-girls under my sewing table weren't happy...
"Don't you have air-conditioning?" you might ask... Yes, but DH had yet to do some maintenance on it before I could turn it on...
Today the A/C is on, and I'm loving it!
Hence, "sweat shop no more!" 8-)

Here is a sneak peek at a part of DD1 and MrFarmer's quilt. This is one of the filmstrip borders I had made. Today those borders are on, as well as the outer borders, and I am a "cool" happy camper!!! 8-)
Now to make some items for the choice auction table at the wedding social fundraiser, and then I am on to DD2 and MrRose's quilt! 8-)

I don't know who the little "angel" was to have this wonderful little newsletter come to my door, cause I don't recall ordering it, but I say "thank-you!" THANK-YOU! 8-)
Now to go have a look through it as it just came...

Have a great weekend everyone!
Happy stitchings!


northernknitter said...

oooh I really like the film strip border - excellent choice - it really highlights the lovely fabrics you chose - the quilt is going to be extraordinary!

Narelle said...

Sounds like a tall cool drink and browsing your newsletter will be a nice break.
Enjoy your weekend!

Winona said...

Myra, I love that filmstrip border. I find black hard to work with , but love how it looks in quilts. It is hot here today too. Already 86*. Yep, our ac is on too. I also have a skirt, tank top, and flip flops on, plus my hair up in back. The hair won't be for much longer, though. I hope to get it cut next week. Have a great day. Winona