Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Sampler @ Six - Blocks 11 & 12

Showing them on a Monday yet!!! Tsk-tsk!!!

I just got home a few hours ago from our Spring Retreat. Amongst some other things (couldn't work on the wedding quilts as DD1 and DD2 were around to much), I worked on blocks 11 and 12 there, and I finally have these BOM blocks completed!!!
It only took 4 years... 8-/

Block #11
Block #12
It took me a while to get them done as the directions and sizes were wrong, and the fabrics included weren't working out right!!!
But, they are now done!!!!
Since all the supposed 12.5" blocks turned out to be between 11.5" and 12.75" in size, I decided to use some of the finishing kit fabrics to "frame" each block, and cut them all down to the same size, which turned out to be 14.25"...
A few of us stopped off at Oma's Quilt Shop on the way home from the retreat. I bought some off-white fabric that matched the background fabric really well, with the intent to use it for the sashing...
Now to sash and border (hopefully this week), and then it is another quilt top completed!!! Woohoo!!! 8-)
{I would have really liked to work on wedding quilts at the retreat, but... the "snooperson sisters" were there...}

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I'll be by this week for a visit to catch up with you... 8-)

PS: To DD1 and DD2, thanks so very much for giving us your time to cook for us!!! You both did an awesome job of feeding us over the weekend!!! Now remember to email me the requested recipes for the ladies please... wink,wink!!! 8-)


Diane said...

the blocks look great!

Karen said...

Your solution for the blocks that did not turn out the same size is a good one.

Tam said...

Very pretty blocks Myra and what a clever "solution" to the different block sizes.
I think this will be a VERY pretty quilt...congrats!!

Peg said...

Lovely blocks - looking forward to seeing the finished top. Do you have any tips for matching points and getting all 8 seams to lay flat when pressed?

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

You blocks are sooo beautiful! I love the borders. They really add pizazz. Excellent work!