Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Sampler @ Six... Block 1

I started this project about 7-8 years ago!!!

We had started a new quilt group back then, the "Quondo Quilters" (this group is now our "Wonky Bits" group after we changed venues), with quite a few ladies that were not quilters. You see, one excited lady invited most of the ladies in her condo to join us, in the Condo gathering room, quilter or not! lol! 8-)
We thought that doing a BOM project would introduce quilting quite nicely to these ladies. The most of it was done as hand-piecing, some applique, and machine piecing.

I don't have the blocks in the order we did them, as it has been so long ago that I can't recall...

Block 1 - Dresden Plate
All blocks to end up a 12" finished.
I have 23 blocks done, and 3 that need a bit more applique done on them. I had planned to do more blocks, but since I decided to put all these blocks on point, I think I have more than enough blocks done for a queen size bed quilt.

I shall post a new block each Saturday...

Happy stitchings!


Pat said...

I love the colors in that dresden plate block...did you use the same colors in all the blocks?

Dresden Quilter said...

Looks beautiful!

call me crazy said...

Hi Myra! I know I haven't been by in a bit and my goodness~ you have been busy! Love all the projects you have been working on and I love reading about your family activities. So much excitement with 2 weddings! :-) Have a happy week!