Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wonky Bits Day!

Oh the humidity!!!

At 8:00am I stepped outside for my morning walk with the fur girls, 94% humidity!!! 94% at that time of the morning already, and the afternoon temps weren't even here yet!!! YUCK! And the temperature high today reached 27 degrees, with the humidity on top of that! Talk about ready to wilt!

Thank goodness for air-conditioned homes, cars, and stores! And thank goodness the church that we hold our Wonky Bits gatherings in is also air-conditioned!!! 8-)

We had a small group of 6 today, but fun we did have! Not much for show and tell today...forgot to take a photo of J's little place-mats, sorry J! At last minute I took a photo of what D was machine quilting away at today.
Once home I thought, "what else could I post a photo of?" I just had to look up, and I found it! My finished quilts display wall that is waiting patiently for a fully finished quilt to hang there! My hubby made the shelf for me at the old house, where it was being used for curtains over my garden doors. I wasn't about to leave it behind!!! Good shelf for displays in my dining area.....
I had been storing my sandwiched UFO quilts on the spare bed, but find myself in need of the bed this weekend, so thought to hang them here... at least they are hanging!!! 8-)


Carrie said...

I laughed about the "fur girls." I'm glad I'm not the only one melting in this humidity. I really like the pictures of your finished projects. You've been getting a lot done!

Yes, I freehand the machine quilting -- sometimes better than others. I really love reading your blog. You are so creative!!

Tere Sanders said...

Wow! That is some MUGGY weather!!! I had to look up the celsius to fahrenheit converter LOL... Here in Arizona, it gets to be over 47 celsius in the month of June but we have very low humidity. July and August are not quite as hot, but the storms come in and make it muggy.

Lovely quilts!!! Keep cool!!!

Hazel said...

Love your display shelf and all the pretties hanging on it .

Lurline's Place said...

Quilts look great! Sorry about your muggy weather - I've lived in those conditions a lot of my life and really don't like it - happy now with weather in Perth - Austrralia.
Quilty hugs - Lurline.