Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ashern Quilt Show

 I forgot to show you some quilt show photos from a few weeks back!!

These are the quilts that really popped for me. Some are sideways, sorry about that.

This one has a lot of depth to it. Of course after seeing this I bought some striped fabric (below)
 How striking is this!?! A mother made for daughter.
 Love the added applique on this one! Gives it so much more interest.
 Love the color scales on this one...
 This one was just plain different. Centers are Yo-yos. Love it!
 My purchases from Mama Bears Quilt Shop (Ashern).
 My purchases from Keystone vendor at show.
Okay! Now I AM going on a fabric diet for the rest of the year! Really! Once I put my mind to it, I do very well. I've done it many times over the last 8 years...

Now it is time to get serious with my sewing!!

Happy stitching!



Peg said...

Aren't quilt shows just the most inspiring!! Love the photos!

ruthsplace said...

That appliqued New York Beauty is stunning. Good luck with your fabric diet.