Saturday, June 27, 2015

WB Shop Hop

 Our Wonky Bits gals did our own shop hop this past week, complete with a nice lunch stop. I needed fabric like I needed a hole in my head, but you know how that goes! I had full intentions of not buying anything, but.....

So here you see six fabric I picked out for a shadow boxes quilt, plus two fat quarters I liked.
 Six of our eight WB gals have decided to make quilts from Helen Frost & Catherine Skow's book Radiant Shunshine & Shadows. These are the fabrics I came home with for the pattern in the photo. It's called Summer Solstice. Approx 50"x64"
I seem to be committing to starting a few new quilts.... I really should finish some that I've started!!
Quilt tops to sandwich, and quilt tops to finish... Ah well... You know how that goes too I am sure...

When I am set up in my trailer and staying there, I hope to have a friend over to quilt with me every other day. I know I'll get lots done then. I always seem to get more done in company of a fellow quilting friend.

Happy stitching!


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Peg said...

It's so hard not to start new quilts - I hear you!