Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I open my bedroom curtains, and...

... what do I see this morning?

...and no sun!!!

It was all gone yesterday when I was out walking the dogs, enjoying the sun, dry sidewalks, and dry streets around here!!!!

See my neighbor's dirty van? It was clean yesterday!
This snow is not wanted or needed right now!
Not at all!!! 8-(

Heading out to another retreat weekend this Friday, to a wonderful retreat facility!!! I'm looking forward to another good time there, with the ladies I see once a year! It is a 2 hour drive from our city, and the majority of the ladies there are from that area... 8-)

Now, time to see what PhD projects I will bring, or what projects I will begin, and start packing some!
Happy stitchings!


Needled Mom said...

Bummer....I am so sorry! It is not appreciated like that first snowfall, is it?

Dena said...

I'm sorry you woke up to snow this morning. I've been enjoying the sunshine for the last couple of days. The fields are full of daffodil blooms and the tulips should be in full bloom in the next week or so, just in time for our annual tulip festival.

I'll pray for sunshine for you!

Karen said...

I hope the snow is gone before your retreat. I'd be bummed too seeing snow after a whole winter of it.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

The moral of the story is...don't open your curtains in the morning!

Have a great weekend!


lani said...

snow if u have it u dont want it if you don't have it you want it....well the retreat will be great I love the retreats I go to every year

Joyce said...

The good news is that it is supposed to go up to +15 by Sunday. Enjoy your retreat!

Brenda said...

We got snow too!!! Not alot, but cold and windy. Near us, got over a foot of snow!!! I am so glad that it was not here!! And 14* by Sunday???? What?? But I will take it!! I was enjoying the nice walking weather too, last week sometime!!!
Here is to spring staying next time is shows up!!

Tam said...

Happy Retreat Myra!
Sorry about the snow :(

soggibottom said...

Have a good weekend Myra x x x
Our snow has gone, but think colder weather is heading our way again