Friday, March 26, 2010

Wonky Bits Show & Tell

This and the next post are scheduled for while I am at a quilt retreat... 8-)

These are the projects worked on at Wonky Bits on Thursday.

Hc's place-mats that she was binding.
Very Springy Hc!!! 8-)
Jb was doing the binding on this little table topper...
Nice job Jb! 8-)
Kn was doing the binding on a future great-grandchild's quilt.
They are but a thought in her grandchildren's minds right now, but Kn is planning for the future!!!
You will be all ready for them Kn!!! 8-)
Quilt looks great!
This is a table topper, "color and movement challenge", that our province's guild put out there for items to be donated for selling at our "Quilt Reflections 1020" quilt show, this coming April... It is made by Pg's creative hands. She was working on the binding...
Looks great Pg!
Du was doing the binding on a project too. Pop on over to her blog to see it. It is her 3rd finish for our PhD Challenge! Yaaaaaaay Du! Way to go! 8-)

Pd too was working on bindings for these place-mats that I've shown before...
They are looking great Pd!! 8-)

Seems like all of them were working on bindings!!
Nope! Not Es! I believe she, as I was, busy doing lots of cutting for a new project. I can't show you cause it is one of my daughter's wedding quilt. Not the Double Wedding Ring pattern either!!! lol!! I am working on it as you read this, at the retreat!!!

This is Pg's "Inukshuk" (definition) wall-quilt she made while she was in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics. What a great momento from that time... 8-)
Looks great Pg!!
Lp showed us this quilt top that she is making for your son...
Looking wonderful Lp!!! 8-)
It is her 3rd quilt made with this pattern...
My thoughts and prayers are with you Lp... HUGS...

Hope you are all having wonderful weather this weekend!
Happy stitchings!


Karen said...

Always a delight to see what the Wonky's have been working on!

call me crazy said...

Thanks for the inspiration Myra! Hope you are enjoying your retreat! Check out my blog today~ you received an award. :-)