Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First shop on tour, "Fiddlesticks"!

I must say, I did not take any photos inside the shops because we only had about 45 minutes in each. Some of the shop owners do not like photos taken anyway, though in one shop I asked if I could take a photo of a bag they had hanging there (since I bought the pattern that is to be mailed to me due to non in stock, but more were on order...)
You can check out their websites for shop photos...

Our first stop on the tour brought us to Fiddlestitcks Quilt Shop, in Boulder Nevada, which is just outside Las Vegas. It was a lovely drive through some of the surounding mountains of Vegas... The shop was a lovely mid sized shop with wonderful eye candy!!!
This is what I came away with from there... 8-)
Not much, cause I had 4 more shops to visit, plus I was only looking for what I needed...?... well, the heart fabric wasn't a need, it was calling to me! 8-)
The sun is shining and, what I assume is Momma Bunny, is enjoying it's warmth...
The snow has and is melting fast since we left for our trip on the 7th, and everything looks so dirty right now... But it is lovely weather out there! Time to walk the fur-girls! 8-)

Right now I am working on my row for our city group's Row Robin Project. I had 6 weeks to work on it, and here I am doing it the day before it is due!!! Such is how life in 2010 has been so far... 8-(
I can't show you photos of this project because all 9 of us agreed for it to be a secret from each other till we are done. No one knows who's project they will be working on throughout the time either, so it will all be a surprize in the end... 8-)
I'm thinking that will be in Spring 2011 sometime, and then I will have 9 Row Robin Projects to show you!!! 8-)
More eye candy from the next shop tomorrow!
Happy stitchings!


Pat said...

It looks like you got a cute chicken fabric at Fiddlesticks, too!

Narelle said...

I'm travelling through your eyes ... so keep the eye candy coming.
You must have had a wonderful time!
I'm plodding along on my PhD's.

joanne lendaro said...

The heart fabric is adorable!! Isn't it great to have the warmer weather!

Dolores said...

Procrastination. You sound like me - last minute. Glad you had an enjoyable and fruitful trip.

Annemiek said...

Ah! now you're talking!Goodies!!
I really like the pattern and the fabrics are a great buy too:)
Tomorrow we will have sunshine and 15 degrees C.overhere. Don't you just love that!

Guðrún said...

Only shop what you need, yes :)