Saturday, November 1, 2008

Criss-Cross Apple-Sauce Mystery

Although I was all set to receive about 100 to 120 children for Halloween, we only got 26 children.... 26!!! That is sure a difference from what we used to get at our other house! I'll know not to buy so much next year!!! 8-/

I am behind in doing Myra Harder's Criss-Cross Apple-Sauce Mystery project for the simple reason of not having decided on my fabrics...

First I was going to choose Christmas fabrics, but no combination was doing it for me... Then I recalled some fabrics I had bought a while ago to make a table topper (top photo), but I don't have enough of the yellow required for a background... (there is yellow in the print, click for a closer look)

Then I thought, perhaps if I use white as the background and the yellow as a coordinate to the print (2nd photo) ... but I am not liking the white.

I thought back to my original 4 fabrics and thought "could I use the purple for the background?" Hmmmmm?

Then I found a green that would work with the print, but this confuses me even more!!! ... sign...

I still like the original 4, and I like the yellow for a background, and then thought "I wonder if my yellow from my Holly Jolly boarder would work instead of the other yellow?" hmmmm? It is plain, not tone on tone as the other, and I have lots... will it work?

Anyone have any thoughts to share with me? This is what I need;

1/2 yd border print and binding (small to mid size print)
I have enough of the print

1/3 yd background print

would like to use the yellow, but don't have enough of the tone on tone one
got lots of the plain yellow

1/4 yd medium color tone-on-tone print (to compliment the border print)
I have lots of the purple

1/4 yd medium color tone-on-tone (a different color than above, also to compliment the border print.)
I know it is not a medium color, but there is brown in the background of the print, and I do have enough...

Your opinions are welcome... 8-)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hey Myra! I'm so glad you posted about this mystery project again! I had run across it once before and thought it sounded like fun, then forgot about it. Now I've got it bookmarked and will be looking through my stash soon to see what I can come up with.

I like your original 4 fabrics too, but I also like the green. I think if you use the first 4 as is, or if you swap out the white for the green, either way would look great.

Can't wait to see what you decided to do!


sparkle jars said...

It's nice to meet you. Thank you for the kind comment.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

oh man, don't you hate when you can't decide? I first read this post late last night and I was stumped, I didn't know which colours I would pick and now reading again I still don't LOL If you havent' picked them by Wed bring it to CCC and you'll get lots of help then.

Scottish Nanna said...

I like the second one the one with white but what would I know I am only new at quilting?
Hugs Mary.

Bugsy said...

Love the colors. How about the green color in the floral? That would be nice.

Anonymous said...

i'm very indecisive too when it comes to fabricchoices. My DD just opens (my!) drawer, tosses fabrics on the table and is done in 10 minutes. She always picks the right fabrics that go really well together. I guess it's a talent!

Julia said...

Choosing colours for a quilt has got to be the hardest thing!
I like your original 4 fabrics, whatever you choose it will be great..