Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More BHM Progress...

 Spend another five days at my personal retreat.
Yes Annemiek, I did get snowed in again... lol
I don't really mind though. 

 I have "finally" finished up GS#1's rag quilt!! I just need to go to the laundromat and wash it.
 I learned a lot making it! What to do, and what not to do... 
Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way, and then the project gets kicked to the curb for a bit, until we are ready to deal with the "issues", and then finally complete it. 
Am I right ladies?

I also got all of my BHM blocks done, AND all of my set-in triangles.
Then I needed a change for a bit, so I got this project out and completed all it's 25-patch units, and got some of the rows sewn. I posted this photo on Quiltville's Facebook Page, with the question, "Should I off-set the blocks, or do as the pattern says?"
 Well, the very big majority said to do off-set, so I stitch ripped the last row off, so I could do just that. Stay tuned.

Here is another photo of my hideaway sewing room. I have much to sort through and organize yet, as you can see. Hubby put shelves in both closets, and will put shelves in the middle there for me also. I plan to put my books, magazines, and patterns there. My cutting counter needs to find a space too yet.
It is not a big room. Much smaller than what I had at home, but I'm determined to make it work. 

Happy stitching!



Annemiek said...

Love the BHM!! The colours really have that Italian feel, really really beautifull!
You did a great job with the 25 piece blocks too and jup, I agree with the offset👍🏻
What d you mean with issues while sewing?? Issues? Never experienced that bwahahaha😂

Needled Mom said...

I am beginning to think I need to get snowed in at my own home......what fun projects you got to work on!

ruthsplace said...

Love your Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. It looks fabulous.