Saturday, February 13, 2016

Goodies Bought...

 ....and something unique!

Went to a "Midwinter Quilt Market" this morning. These are the goodies I came home with, though there was much more there that temped me. But I had to stick to my guns of not buying any fabric bigger than a fat quarter.
 I have so much yardage in my stash, that I can't allow myself to add to it! Not at the moment anyway. There were some good buys there though!! Pre-cuts of Batik, 10 meters for $60. 
I was sorely tempted!!

I came across this photo on FB (I hope they don't mind I borrowed it) that someone had shared. I had to ask you quilters, "Have you ever seen such a sewing machine?"
Looks like it would be awkward to use...

I am so going through sewing with-drawls right now. I'd sure like to be out at my little haven sewing, but I have much to do at home. DH is visiting friends down south, thus there is no interruptions here to interfere with things that must be done. So, gotta go!!

Happy Stitching!!


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