Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Winter Snow

...has arrived, and looks to be staying, thus I'm staying warm indoors...

GS#1's Rag Quilt is coming along. "Fun snipping" is only fun 
in short spurts of time, thus a little gets done each day...
This is 4 year old grandson that the quilt is for.
This is his first year in Hockey, and so far he is enjoying it.
 Progress is being made at my little quilt haven. DH has put shelves
in the closets, which now have more in there than the photo shows. 
Soon he will put shelves in between the closets, like he has in 
the smaller bedroom shown in the photo below.
 Later this week those shelves will be full. I am still slowly moving items from my home
 sewing room, to the trailer, and will then again have another spare bedroom at home, for when our children and grand-children all come from out of town to stay for Christmas.

My "Oak Forest" seems to have a new tree growing each week. Now there
are 8/12 growing. Wondering if all 12 will eventually sprout? Time will tell!
I will be planting them out on the trailer property, though I doubt I will 
ever enjoy the shade they will cast in the future, but someone will I'm sure.

Happy Stitching!


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