Thursday, November 19, 2015

Eye Candy...

 Friend PG's freshly sandwiched quilt.
A block of the month from group.
Love those colors together. 
I think I missed my chance to collect such.
 DL's tree skirt. Done!
Yahoo! Another finish!
 D's awesome top, minus the borders yet.
Love the movement/effect of this one!
Picture taken from the loft above,
 YC's interpretation of Bonnie Hunters "Easy Street"
Looks so very different from others I have seen because 
of her color choices/placement.
Getting my binding sewn onto GS#1's Rag Quilt.
Then the snippy fun starts... which I heard is not fun.
More eye candy next time.


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Needled Mom said...

I do love the movement in that one quilt. Nice eye candy for the day.