Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Fly By Photo!

 I brought my Bro and SIL out to see my trailer last week. Bro came with a small helicopter camera thingy, and took photos from the air. He got some very neat photos!!! Thanks Bro!!!
 This critter visited here last Thursday. Saw him about 4 times that day. I haven't seen him since, and hope that I don't. I don't need another critter living under my deck. That is the rabbits home! lol... I think this is a gopher, but not sure...?
 Spent another day at the trailer sewing up a storm yesterday. Same two projects as mentioned in the previous post. Making 9-patches here...
 Though, I think I made more progress on my I Spy. I got quite a few square-in-a-squares done. Many more to go! I have a feeling that this may end up being a VERY LARGE quilt. TOO large, so I may make two quilts.
Apparently my GS#1 and GS#4 were wondering why Grammy made GD#1 a quilt, and not them. DD2 informed them that they do have quilts from Grammy, and showed them. GS#1 Thinks he should have a red and blue one like GS#4, because those are his favorite colors, but his is green. I guess it is time to make him a big boy quilt! He'll be 4 this September....?... A new quilt for his birthday maybe? Heck why not! I've got so little to do! lol!

That be it for this week!

Happy Stitching!



Needled Mom said...

Of course....why not???? The photos from the little helicopter are really clear.

ruthsplace said...

Your new space looks great. Love seeing 'your' critter, so different from the ones we have here.

Hazel said...

Great space ,critter has to go LOL.