Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I have been up to...

Visits with my Bro and SIL (he is on a slow mend), catching up on sleep (supposedly), hosted a couple dinners/BBQs, catching up with friends and family, and still prepping for baby's arrival with DD2...

My CCC quilt group has it's final BOM block, the August block, to produce for the beginning of September. Here is July's BOM contributions, won by friend Ac. 8-)
This is Jr's August BOM sample for us... Too cute!
A jar of frogs! 8-)
Here is my contribution, sewn and ready to go!
Tinkerbell in a jar! Pixie-dust and all...
And guess what I've finally got loaded
onto my comp!!?! Whoohoo!!!
 It was easy-peasy to load, and for me,
not a minute to loose!!! 8)

After watching the tutorial videos,
I start to put things into practice... 
Planned a layout. Plugged in sampler blocks, colors/fabrics, and such to get familiar with the program... Just for play, and I'm loving it!!! 8-)

I've even got my CCC Mystery Project made
up in EQ now, so time to get serious with that!!!
If you care to play along with us, the fabric requirements will be given by week's end.
You will find it on my "CCC Mystery Quilt Along" page, found under my blog's header title...

Happy stitchin'!

Happy 52nd Anniversary Mom & Dad!! 8-)


Nana B said...

Myra, My DgD will be three on August 28th! The other day she saw an advertisement for Peter Pan and was beside herself with excitement when she saw Tinkerbell!
I will be on the hunt for some Tinkerbell fabric now that I have seen your amazing pixie dust jar!

corina said...

Good to hear your brother is on the mend. Your granny senses must be tingling with baby only 19 days away! If baby is a girl, you'll have to make her up a jar of Tinkerbell too, way too cute.

Andee said...

Very clever with Tinkerbell, I love it!

Julia said...

Love Tinkerbell...perfect for a little girl baby...not long now Myra!
Also love that blue quilt..
Wish my grandies were that l;ittle again.
Julia ♥

em's scrapbag said...

Saw your blue blocks in my reader and had to come check them out. I've been making various blue blocks so yours caught my eye. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

August 9th is also my father's birthdate Myra. He would have been 77 years old! Funny, we find yet another "thing" to connect us!


Soggibottom said...

I loved the jar of frogs too :-) Then I would :-)
Always great to see what you've been up to Myra :-) x x x