Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just checking in...

Obviously, comp time, blogging and all it encompasses, is not a priority right now as you will have noticed... Been busy with family priorities... I've even missed a few weeks of my quilt gatherings... 8-(

Bro is home from the hospital, much to my dismay, as I feel he should have stayed there for another week, but he is happy to be home... It will be a long recoup time for him...

Did visits to Mr & Mrs Rose's property to see the prep work done for the house to be moved on. It has been slow going for them (paper work with the municipality, the bank and lawyers) to get the house out there... They have a month before baby makes its appearance, so we hope it all comes together before the big day... 8-)

My plan for getting my EQ 7 program onto 
my comp and getting familiar with it a week 
ago fell through, so I am looking forward to 
that happening, hopefully this week now... 
I have a mystery project to see through for 
my CCC group!!! Pressure!!! 
It is what keeps me going! lol! 8-)

The mail brought a fabric postcard to my door last week from Laurie. Isn't it adorable!?! Laurie took part in my PhD Challenge. Thanks Laurie!! Go have a look at what she is creating right now... Too cute!! 8-)

Progress on baby stitching and knitting 
has also fell behind.. 8-(
My sample diaper that I made over a week ago is cute, but the fabric I used for wet proofing is not effective, so I must go look for this PUL stuff... I just used what I had on hand...

 DD1 is my little "thrift store" shopper, and she surprized me with these wonderful quilt books she found... There are some wonderful inspirational thoughts coming out of them!! Some awesome patterns!!!
Thanks Mrs.Farmer!!! 8-)
 Wonky Bits friend Pd made the 2 templates on the left for me, as I wanted a Twister template that was bigger than the one I bought, but smaller than the larger one my friend Pg bought... Pd also made me an apple-core template!!! Big smiles!!!
Thanks Pd! 8-)
 Wonky Bits friend Hc gave me these 2 darling patterns for my grand-baby/future grand-babies. The rag quilt animal pattern is too cutel!!
Thanks Hc!! 8-)
I am so darn spoiled sometimes... ;)

Off for another trip to my Bro's home, appointments, and such...

 I noticed there is a lot of wonderful quilty goodness happening out there in blogland, as per usual!!! Good for all of you!! I will pop in for visits when I can...

Happy stitchings friends!


Needled Mom said...

It sounds like you have your hands full right now. Computer and sewing time always gets placed on the back burners, don't they?

Brenda said...

Oh Myra, you have alot going on!! And you deserve to be spoiled!!! And I don't think your spoiled yet!! Right now, I think you are just perfect!!
Enjoy your Bro., the new books and playing with your sewing machine - I can see alot of really neat things being made in the next few months, so make sure you enjoy yourself!!
And yes, it is a very busy place with alot of things going on across the web right now!! It's fun to come see what everyone is up to!! I am still cleaning my room but am doing some sewing too!!

Have a fantastic week and sew a stich or two, or three or four.... ahh what the heck - go make something!!! And have fun doing it!! I'll be back to visit again!!!

Peg said...

Glad to hear your brother is on the mend. Prayers.! Great diapers - did you ever find out what PUL is? What wonderful gifts - and so much inspiration! lucky you!

Lotte said...

what a cute diaper! that grandchild is going to be very cute and very spoiled because of his grandma ;-) haha

Guðrún said...

Have you found that PUL stuff? Are you going to sew diapers for both your girls?