Monday, February 14, 2011

Row Robin Projects Revealed...

 Well, I am home and rested from our wonderful Row Robin Retreat weekend!!! Good company, good food, lots of quilting and laughs. 
What more can a gal want? 8-)

Here are the 9 projects, in order of box number, 
and in order of rows done... 
They are all so different!!! 8-)
Photos off center due to where I was standing...

Box 1
 Box 2 - Mine
Love it!!! I plan to add one more row with blue...
 Box 3
 Box 4
 Box 5
 Box 6
 Box 7
 Box 8
Box 9
There were lots of wonderful comments, and "ooooos" and "ahhhhhs" flying around the room with each row reveal... Lots of picture taking too!
Each participant will sew the rows together in the order she finds appealing...

The year we spent doing this group project went by so fast, and was a very positive experience, so much so, that we've planned for another group project to be introduced in the next couple of weeks...

We had a great time in a newly built cottage on the camp & retreat facility grounds!!! 
We will be back there again!!! 8-)

 Pop on over to K's blog to see her photos from the Reveal... 8-)
Well, now that I am done my Hollyhock project 
for Finn's UFO Challenge (late, but done), 
I can really get going on my PhD's
Happy stitchings!


Dolores said...

These are all stunning. Wonderful work.

Pat said...

Okay...now I see you are #2.....love it....actually love all of them!

Winona said...

Myra, what lovely eye candy you shared with us today. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Karen said...

Loved seeing the contents of all the pizza boxes. What a wonderful project.

Narelle said...

Wow! They're all so amazing!