Friday, February 4, 2011

Candle Making

Is anyone else missing photos from their blogs?
I think it is a Blogger thing...?

First I must show you... See the melted puddle forming by the front step there? Drips from the roof... We went from -40*C with the wind chill on Wednesday night, to +2*C today... This is crazy!!!
This Video of the candle making craft is very interesting 
to watch... Have a look! 8-)


Monica said...

Very cool! I saw these types of candles made at an arts and crafts festival once but they weren't near as fancy.

Thanks for sharing!

Joyce said...

Everything was closed around here this morning due to ice. It's nice to have the warmer temps though.

Hazel said...

How pretty and interesting .

soggibottom said...

Myra, you have my utmost admiration for all that snow. Think I would want something a little hotter than candles to keep me warm matey :-) But thanks, I really enjoyed watching this... take care in the snow, keep warm :-) x x x

Joanne said...

The weather is unbelievable!!!
Great video - thanks for sharing.