Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday... What a day...

Long story - shortened?
I have my van back! Yay....
Up early - I'm not a morning person 8-(
To the vets with the Fur-Girls
Fur-Girls at Vets & me off to Wonky Bits...?
Van doesn't start, battery dead - Great!!! Not!
Walk to service garage, guy comes to boost van
Drive to service garage, battery good, connectors a mess
Guy cleans connectors, $$$ spent and on my way, late
Get to Wonky Bits, forgot to stop at Subway to buy lunch
Enjoy a few hours WB, go get lunch w/Pg/her car
Phone call from Vet, "come for Fur-Girls in 2.5 hrs"
Enjoyed more Wonky Bits, van starts, go get Fur-Girls
DD2 meets me at Vets, $$$ spent
Dora goes with DD2, drug-dopey Ruby goes with me
Home, Fur-Girls happy, watch Ruby, no stairs or jumping
Ruby sleeps lots!!!!
DD2 and I in sewing room, neck-warmers to make
DS and girlfriend come over for visit
(GF in from Edmonton, 3 days)
DD1 comes over for visit
DH comes home form work
DD2 fiancee comes over for visit
Pizza/salad ordered, arrived, $$$ spent, eaten
Card game played
DH to bed, all leave by 11pm...
Alone at last... Sigh... 8-)
A long, eventful, and expensive day...
Too much information? Possibly...
LOL! 8-)

DD2 had bought some polar fleece before Christmas to make some neck warmers and mitts for her and MrRose...
Yesterday she came over to have a go at sewing some, so I showed her how Vf made these ones... DD2 has not sewn much compared to DD1, but it is a start! I told her she could have my old machine if she feels she wants to get into it... She did good on this neck-warmer, but felt it was too feminen for her guy, so made a tube neck-warmer also! 8-)

Shame on me! I just realized that I didn't even take a photo of family time together last night!!!
All my kids, and DS's girlfriend were here last night for pizza and cards! She has been in Edmonton for the last 10 months, and is heading back out that way today!!! Duh!!!

Back to my PhDs!


Bridget B said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy day. I love family days.

Hazel said...

Car's can be such a pain sometimes ,there like a computer ,we can't live with out them but on the days when they are acting up ,we'd sure like to try .
Glad to hear Ruby will be ok .