Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to routine! Quilt Groups!

First, I want to say... "Well shock me silly!
I've received positive comments from 9 and 2 pending participants in my PhD Challenge!!" How exciting is that! I will have company in my 6 month commitment! Good stuff! Thanks for joining in ladies! 8-)
Anyone else want to play along, just go to my PhD Challenge post!
Sorry... a bit of a long post...

I am so darn glad that the festivities have past by for this past year, and that life is back to "normal" this week. Back to my quilt group gatherings and such. I missed my ladies! 8-)

Tuesday night my Country Rose gals got together. A few show and tells, and lots of chatter! Catching up on the last 4 weeks! You know... 8-)

First show and tell is a block- in- progress by a new quilter that joined us last night. Bs is fairly new to the quilting world. I think about a year or two... I'd say she is well on her way and hooked! A wonderful Teddy B! 8-)
I met B through a Pug Rescue Group/Chat line, and she expressed and interest in quilting. We discovered that we lived around the same small community at the time (2 years back), so I invited her to see my sewing room and projects. That one visit led her to take a few lessons, and now she's found our group and joined in! Welcome to the group B!!! 8-)

This quilt top is what Gk was able to put together over the holidays. Looks great G!!! I asked if I could have it but was turned down. Apparently she needs it on her bed when it is done! The nerve... lol! 8-)
This is our Jb's Christmas Wall-quilt that she is plugging away on! Friend Pg made one last year that we all fell in love with, so there is a few of us making them... I haven't started mine as of yet...
Looking good Jb! 8-)
Our Crescentwood Quilters group got together tonight. No show and tell, but plans were being made!
One of our wonderful ladies has been absent for quite a while with health problems, so one gal asked if we wanted to make her a comfort quilt... Well heck ya!!! 8-)
We are each making and contributing a 12+1/2 inch block in brights to go into it, complete with our siggies and words of encouragement...
We also discussed, my suggestion, to do a Row Robin together! I've seen many lovely ones out there and thought it would be fun! Will have to see if there is enough interest to make it a go... Just what I need during my Challenge, another project!!! lol! You know how it goes.... 8-)

I'm going to have to challenge myself to cut back on my computer time... BIG TIME!!! Not so funny... 8-(
Tomorrow, a home day, I hope to post photos of the projects I wish to finish for my PhD Challenge...

Happy stitchings!


Gina said...

Love the show and tell. That teddy bear is gorgeous

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Pat said...

Good luck with the PhD group....I'm already in another challenge that involves getting unfinished projects completed, so I have to pass on your group. Good luck with it, though. I LOVE that teddy bear block the gal made!!!

Danielle said...

What a nice thing to do for your friend! I agree about trying to cut down on the computer time, but it isn't easy ;-)