Friday, May 6, 2016

A visit from Mrs Wisconsin Farmer

 DD#1 and the twins came up to Manitoba for a 2-week family visit, and for us to celebrate our twins 4th birthday. Here they tried on their new Fireman Costumes, gifted from, and with, their cousins by their side. The Wee-one is walking/running now.
 DD#1, twins and I spent an afternoon at Lockport, going for a walk and watching the pelicans, walking the bridge, and finishing it off with hotdogs from Skinners.
 Here we are learning about the locks, the fish that are in the Red River, and the pelicans.
 Here you see only some of the pelicans. On this day there was maybe 40 of them there, but I've been there when there must have been 60 to 80 on the water.
The bridge was a good hike for the twins, but they managed it!

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