Saturday, March 21, 2015

Overwhelmed... What else is new?

Well, DH is gone for a week of golfing with his buddies, 
what better time to sort and clean up my sewing/computer room... 
Only problem is, I stand in the doorway and think,
"where do I even start?", and then I have that overwhelmed feeling.
That of course is bad, cause then I turn around and hide from it.
But, it needs doing badly, because it is keeping me from doing 
anything productive in my quilt-making, and there is much to complete.
I can't even share a photo of my room cause it is so embarrassing.

Wish me luck!



Annemiek said...

Been there, done that. It s not that bad once you' re beyond that awfull STARTiNG point.
Good luck an do post pic 's of the "after" :)

Brenda said...

Are you in my house??? I walk in my room and then, walk out..... And I was going to get 'so much done' this year. :(
we can do this - we can make our rooms be what we want and I know it is true. Breath and then - oh I don't know!!!! This is such a struggle for me - what advice would/could you give me????

Do you have something that needs doing, is asking for your attention, right now?? Then, concentrate on that - even if it means 'sewing at a friends house' - even if the 'house' is your kitchen table.... Take your project out of your room and do something with it - just to get it worked on..... hmmmmm. We both need to get our rooms working for us don't we...........

Anonymous said...

Set a timer for 20 minutes. That way you won't feel overwhelmed or like a failure if you don't get done. I bet you keep working after the timer goes. Starting is always the hardest part. Getting organized will perk you right up.

Cousin Lia

Karen said...

Check out Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts studio organizing challenge for the year. Here is what we've tackled so far: http://prairiemoonquilts.com/?cat=37
I know that overwhelming feeling too. Mine is with paper clutter, so I put my timer on; even just 15 minutes a day, is making a difference. Try it!

Sipiweske Quilts said...

Myra - you sound like me! There has been no time to clean up between projects lately and the ongoing projects just keep going on and on and on. Just imagine how wonderful it will all look and how relieved you will feel when you are all done. It will be like a "utopia" moment I'm sure. Enjoy the process :0)) - Marlene

ruthsplace said...

When my space gets like that I set a time that I'm going to work on it for, say 30 minutes and then reward myself with something fun. It's surprising how quickly things tidied up. As an added bonus I often find things I've forgotten about!