Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Retreat

Once again we had a wonderful Fall-time retreat! It started out with no snow, but we ended up going home in snow and bad road conditions. We also experienced a 4-hour blackout which started at 9:45pm, so.... 29 quilters went to bed early!! A big time first!!! LOL!! This blackout cut into my productivity for sure!! I would have had 2 UFO quilt tops done!! As it was I only got this top done...

This is my Picket Fences quilt top. 56x68
 It was about 7-8 years in the making. I had lots of problems over the years completing the pieced borders. Had a pattern for it, but it was the wrong size, so I had to fuss around with it. It got thrown in a corner each time I tried... Last time I tried was 3 years ago. I was pleasantly surprized that I managed to finish the remainder 3 borders with just a little fussing, so I'm contributing that to me being more quilt experienced and knowledgeable!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! LOL!!

On to finishing up my 2 borders on my Hidden Spools...

Happy stitching!


Brenda said...

I was wondering what your group did during the power outage. I had intended to go home on Saturday night anyway, so I had to pack up in the dark. Homewood didn't have a match or candle, but we had a few flashlights and candles from our cars.

Annemiek said...

Ah! Love both quilts! and what a great feeling it is to finish :)
Snow and bad weather is a pain; we expect the first snow today. Yuk! It IS a great season to QUILT though! So I guess you"ll have both quilted and bound by, let"s say,...springtime? Lol!
(and ofcourse you became a pro in 3 years time; duh!)

ps...I just proved 'i'm not a robot" by typing :itssatan! Freaky wordverification!!!