Monday, October 28, 2013

A finish, a top, and 4 cuties...

 Donated Christmas Tree-Skirt done, donated to dinner/auction 
fundraiser for church, and sold for $75.00.
 This is my purchase from the fundraiser. An Acrylic named "Attitude".  
Done by Michelle Campbell of Beausejour, MB, Canada.
 It spoke to me, what can I say!?! LOL!! Love it!  ;)

I finally got around to making GS#4 a quilt-top. I best get it 
finished up quick, and move on to his Christmas Stocking...
All 4 of my grandsons together!! A once or twice a year occasion.
L to R: GS#3 - DS, GS#1 - TJ, GS#2 - FT, GS#4 - SA.
We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday with whole and extended family yesterday. A "surprize party" as his birthday is really in November, so it was indeed a surprize to him...  ;)
80!!! WOW!! Time flies...

Until next time.... Happy Stitching!!!



Brenda said...

wow! a quartet of cuties! which ones are the twins?

ruthsplace said...

Your grandsons are certainly close together in age!

The finished top is really cute.

Soggibottom said...

Always good to see you Myra and such lovely little guys :-)
:-) x x x