Thursday, January 31, 2013

Row Robin, D9-Patch, Bits & Pieces...

 I've been doing a paper-pieced row to add to my Row Robin project, that 
I showed in the previous post. Odd size pieces, thus the paper-piecing.
 I added the new row to the others...
 Now I am pondering my borders, and debating if "my blue" is close enough 
to go with the blues that my friend's added in.
 Also showing a new book... I haven't really had a good sit with it yet, 
but a quick glance through it looked very promising.

While pondering my Row Robin borders today, I've been working on 
my D9-P project that I started a year or two ago.... I'm using up quite 
a few old fabric yardages and FQs, mostly small florals.

This afternoon I put some of the "bits & pieces" together that were too 
small to cut into charms for the 9-Patches that I start with. A bit more 
fussing, but I wanted to use it all up.
 Tonight I put more 9-Patches together...
  Halfway through getting all that done.
I just need another productive day of sewing, ironing, and cross cutting 
my 9-Patches, to be ready to play with all the blocks on my display wall...

Busy days coming up... Mom to physio, Mom's 73rd B-Day visit, BIL's 55th B-Day visit, 
Mom to X-rays/6-wk Doc appointment, etc, etc... Mom is doing really well with her 
new knee. Much better than her first experience with this 2 years ago..

Well, have a great weekend everyone!
Happy stitching!


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