Thursday, May 7, 2015

Myra's Quilt Hideaway...

 Back in September we bought a small trailer, 12'x42', and in October 
we had it moved onto some property we have out in the country. 
You see, I need a "hideaway" to have a break from my normal 
everyday life at times. So this will be just perfect.
 I haven't moved any of my belongings into it yet, as we just had 
a well drilled, and waiting on septic and electricity. Also waiting for 
a bit of a deck and decent stairs so I don't break my neck.
 It isn't a big trailer, but just big enough for me. One bedroom to sleep in, 
and one to set up for a sewing room away from home. 
What more does on need?
I am soooo looking forward to staying here, and hoping that 
it will be warm enough to stay in during the winter months also.
A year round cottage if you will...

Do you have a small home away from home?

Happy stitching!



ruthsplace said...

What a wonderful space! I wish you many happy moments there!

Peg said...

That looks lovely! Our home away from home is a 8x25 travel trailer, no sewing room there! But it's a great get-away and we get to go away to wherever we choose.