Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mystery Quilt-Along Step 2...

Well, I've managed to figure out how to get my instructions up in PDF files, so that will be helpful to you for printing!! 


You can't imagine how excited I am about learning how to do that!!! LOL! 8-)

Thanks to those that tried out my trial PDF of Step 1, and gave me feedback!!! 8-)

You will find the instructions for Step 2 coming up soon, with a link to the instructions in PDF form at the bottom of the page...

It is not too late to join in on the mystery fun! 

Happy Stitching!!

PS: I'm home from "Gramma" duty/help for a few days, but will be gone again soon for a while. Hopefully I will get some caught up with blog hopping/commenting before then!!


Peg said...

Oh, man, Myra - I forgot all about this! Your PDF both opened just fine, but am on vacation, so no printer to test them out. But, judging by your opening line, I'm sure it's working just fine. Good thing I'm here in the US and can shop for some fabrics for this (didn't have enough in my stash to start this, anyway). So..... in another 10 days or so we'll be home and I can get started. Happy Mystery!

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Hi Myra~ quick question~ would this work to be a 2 color quilt? ;-)
Thanks for the fun!