Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time to toot my horn AND to fess up!

Well, the PhD Challenge is over at midnight tonight, and I know I won't be squeezing another finish under
the wire...

I committed to doing 6 projects, so, here I will show you what did, and didn't get accomplished.

1.) My QD Sampler...
Top is done, needs batting, backing, quilting, binding & label. Not done! 8-(

2.) Country Sampler 
the Rabbit Factory
DONE! 8-)

3.) Hidden Thimbles
Blocks made, but that is it! Progress made,
but not done! 8-(

4.) Holly Jolly
Disappearing 9-Patch done with 4 charm packs!!
DONE! 8-)

5.) Charm Packs on Point
DONE! 8-)
6.) Many Thanks
Art to Heart - Nancy Halvorsen
Being hand-quilted...
Progress made, but not done! 8-(

There you have it! My toots and fesses! 8-)

Three out of Six done...
I'm happy with that, and will continue to work at completing the last 3 by the end of 2011...

I thank all the lovely ladies that jumped on board with me to get some of their PhDs off their backs also!!  You all rock! 8-)

For those of you that followed our progress,
I hope you've been able to get some of your own PhDs/UFOs/WIPs done during this first
half of 2011 too!! 8-)

32*C - feels like 44*C
translates to
89.6*F - feels like 111.2*F
Very humid! I'm one of those that
cant handle the humidity... 8-(

Stay cool!!
Happy stitchings!



Anonymous said...

I really LOVE the first one and most of all the last one that you are not done yet. All are very beautiful though Myra. Way to go!

Keep cool chicky!


em's scrapbag said...

Congrats on your finishes! They are lovely. And thanks for the motivation I needed to get mine done.

Helena said...

Beautiful quilts - finished or not.

Karen said...

The Country Sampler is my favorite of all your projects shown. A very good finish. I am drawn to applique quilts.

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful finishes and I can't wait to see the others done. Good job.

Peg said...

Beautiful finishes - and the WIP's, looking good too! And you've inspired me to use up some of my scraps! Thanks so much for the challenge - it was fun!

Lotte said...

Good job! You got half the work done! My favorite is the charms packs on point... Really nice!

Jeanne said...

Nice work on your finishes! I over estimated my expectations of completion in six months. While I did get a lot done during that time, it was only two of the six on my UFO list. I'm still working on them, too.

Guðrún said...

Great, well done!