Thursday, April 22, 2010

Country Rose Sew, Show, and Tell

There was some sew & tell at our Country Rose night on Tuesday! I missed out on photographing J's 3 table runners, but caught these projects here....

This is P's flimsey! Different hey!?! I likes it! 8-)
This is what she is using on the back. Kind of like a fake fur. Don't know how quilting that will be, but I am sure she will fill us in when next we meet! 8-)
This is the Spring wall quilt that C is making for her Daughter's classroom door. I think it is every month that they hang a new one... The kids love it! 8-)
Isn't it darling!?!
This is G's floor mat she was crocheting out of an old corderoy (sp?) curtain, for in her sunroom.
Waste not, want not! 8-)
I'm gonna try this sometime...
Pitty, but I haven't anything at all to show for myself, as I don't want to spoil the surprize of the wedding quilts... 8-/

Tis a Wonky Bits day today, so I am sure I'll have some more show and tell for you from that...

Tis a beautiful sunny day again today! 8-)
Hope the sun is shining where you are!

Happy stitchings!


Dresden Quilter said...

Not shining here! I always enjoy your show and tell.

Karen said...

The Spring wall hanging is delightful! Bright colors and just perfect for its intended use.